The Edinburgh Finance Conference

The Edinburgh Finance Conference (EFC) – Scotland’s largest student-run finance conference – represents an unparalleled opportunity for sponsors to work together with an event growing in size and prestige. The 5th annual Conference will be held in January, 2018 at the illustrious Playfair Library.

Speakers, which in previous years have included Alistair Darling and John Kay, will gain an opportunity to express their views and opinions directly to a 200-strong body of motivated delegates who hail from Scotland’s leading universities.

Above all the conference is an opportunity for speakers to impart delegates, many of whom are on the cusp of joining the financial industry, with views and opinions that they may hold for years to come.


Over 250 delegates

With representatives hailing from Scotland’s leading universities.

8 speakers

With prominent figures from the financial industry, government and academia. 

8 Seminar Options

Attendees may choose from among 8 workshops in major divisions within banking and finance. 

Last year's speakers

Mark Mullen
Co-Founder and CEO of Atom Bank

 Mark comes from HSBC Group where he joined HSBC in London to help develop and launch its business internet banking platform. In 2004 he moved to HSBC’s UK headquarters to lead marketing on behalf of the HSBC brand in the UK. In 2001 Mark returned to the UK as Chief Executive of First Direct and from 2013 his role enlarged to include leadership of the HSBC UK Contact Centres.

Janet Thomas
Managing Director of Infinity Capital Partners

Janet  is Managing Director of Infinity Capital Partners and President of the Women in Banking and Finance organisation. She has previously served as Head of Prime Brokerage FX Sales (EMEA) at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and as Head of FX Prime Brokerage Product and Marketing at Citigroup.

Les Matheson
CEO of Personal & Business Banking at RBS

Les joined RBS as a Managing Director in 2010, and currently acts as CEO of the firm’s personal & business banking unit. Prior to joining RBS he spent 11 years at Citigroup, where he was CEO of Citibank Australia and sat on the firm’s Global Management Committee.



The Old College

This session of the conference is being hosted in Edinburgh University’s Old College, located within the capital’s historic district. Though begun 1789, its construction was halted owing to shortages during the Napoleonic Wars and would remain incomplete until 1827. In the nearly 200 years since, many of Scotland’s greatest minds have passed through its halls.

Keynote speeches for the conference will be delivered in the Playfair Library, designed by the eponymous architect, which is located above the main entrance archway and affords views of the College’s grass quadrangle.

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