About Us

The Conference

The Edinburgh Finance Conference (EFC) – Scotland’s largest student-run finance conference – represents an unparalleled opportunity for sponsors to work together with an event growing in size and prestige. The 5th annual Conference will be held in January, 2018 at the illustrious Playfair Library.

Speakers, which in previous years have included Alistair Darling and John Kay, will gain an opportunity to express their views and opinions directly to a 200-strong body of motivated delegates who hail from Scotland’s leading universities.

Our vision is for delegates to hear from both sides of the debate, from would-be disruptors and incumbents. Fintech executives evangelizing peer-to-peer lending will speak alongside retail and commercial bankers. Veteran traders will weigh whether high-frequency trading is a boon or a curse. And investment bankers, oft the target of ire in public discourse, can present delegates with a side of regulatory arguments they may have seldom considered.

Above all the conference is an opportunity for speakers to impart delegates, many of whom are on the cusp of joining the financial industry, with views and opinions that they may hold for years to come.