Speakers for 2018

Our speakers and seminar directors are being announced individually in the runup to the conference.

Speakers will be announced soon.

Previous Speakers

Previous sessions of the conference have benefited from the contributions of dozens of speakers. A selection of previous speakers’ profiles is available below.
Mark Mullen
Co-Founder and CEO of Atom Bank

 Mark comes from HSBC Group where he joined HSBC in London to help develop and launch its business internet banking platform. In 2004 he moved to HSBC’s UK headquarters to lead marketing on behalf of the HSBC brand in the UK. In 2001 Mark returned to the UK as Chief Executive of First Direct and from 2013 his role enlarged to include leadership of the HSBC UK Contact Centres.

Janet Thomas
Managing Director of Infinity Capital Partners

Janet is Managing Director of Infinity Capital Partners and President of the Women in Banking and Finance organisation. She has previously served as Head of Prime Brokerage FX Sales (EMEA) at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and as Head of FX Prime Brokerage Product and Marketing at Citigroup.

Les Matheson
CEO of Personal & Business Banking at RBS

Les joined RBS as a Managing Director in 2010, and currently acts as CEO of the firm’s personal & business banking unit. Prior to joining RBS he spent 11 years at Citigroup, where he was CEO of Citibank Australia and sat on the firm’s Global Management Committee.

Richard Edgecliffe-Johnson
Former Head of the UK Investment, Citigroup

Richard was a Vice President of Citibank International and Head of the UK Investment Centre with responsibility for Citigroup’s Private Banking business in the UK. After over 30 years in finance Richard bought, and has since transformed, his own bespoke luxury goods business.

Rt Hon. Alistair Darling
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

Alistair Darling served as a member of parliament from 1987 to 2015. He served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2007 to 2010, and had previously held numerous other cabinet positions in successive governments.

Andrew Milligan
Head of Global Strategy, Standard Life Investments

Andrew joined Standard Life Investments in 2000 as Head of Global Strategy, responsible for creating the firm’s central House View guiding overall investment decision making. He also advises a wide range of institutional and retail clients, using his extensive investment experience on the buy and sell side covering all the major asset classes.

Mark Littlewood
Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs

Mark Littlewood is the Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs and the IEA’s Ralph Harris Fellow. Under his leadership, the IEA has continued to communicate the benefits of free markets to an even wider audience around the world.

Anne Richards
CEO, M&G Investments

Anne Richards, previously the Chief Investment Officer of Aberdeen Asset Management, has recently been appointed as a CEO of M&G Investments. Anne graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a First Class Honours degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and worked at CERN prior to her career in finance.

John Kay
Economist & Author

John Kay is an economist whose career has spanned the academic world, business and public affairs. Currently, he is a visiting Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, a Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford.